When to refretting guitar? What is guitar rooting, and why is it necessary, when to consider it and what is the result?

Do you seem to hear an unwanted sound when you play the guitar - the so-called chatter that is disturbing and spoils the playing experience? What can this be caused by?

In some cases it is sufficient to play with the height of the strings, or to adjust the fingerboard and the rattle can be removed. Sometimes, however, this unwanted sound still remains and you can no longer cope.

The cause may also be in sleepers. In most mass produced guitars, only the fret wire is used on the frets.

It doesn't have that hardness and so it can quickly wear out during frequent playing. This creates a variety of irregularities on the surface, which can also result in the resulting sound of playing.

However, a similar cause may not always occur only with prolonged use - some brand new and unused guitars may have just fretted badly from production - or may not be properly aligned.

Aura Instruments also offers you the option of re-fringing your guitar - whether it is a single fret or all frets - including changing the zero fret.

The procedure of work with overstocking is as follows:

According to the agreement, either grinding the individual original frets on the guitar and aligning them so that they are in the specified plane and one of the frets does not have a different height than it should be - because that is one of the reasons why some tones lose your sound.

If you choose this option - of course we will be happy to meet you. However, we always look at the condition of your sleepers and their quality, and accordingly we suggest an alternative, whether it is worth investing in regrinding the original sleepers or better consider replacing them with new sleepers.

This exchange for new sleepers can have the following benefits:

  • As we mentioned - in most mass-produced guitars, sleepers mainly made of milder steel are used, causing more wear and irregularities on their surfaces
  • We use a professional steel sleeper wire that has a high hardness and is very likely that such sleepers will no longer need to be replaced
  • We perform the replacement of the sleepers by improving the original properties of the instrument and making it more brilliant


And this is how it looks like in practice :)