Find 5 Differences on that Fender Guitars :)

But there are obviously more differences, so we can help you a little:

This classic fender came to the service with the request to set up the electricity and service the fingerboard.

As for the fingerboard - we followed our standard - we replaced the sleepers with a special hard steel sleeper wire that we used for this type of repair.

Electricity came and demand to remove one sensor. And why not do it so that the result of the work is visible to the naked eye?

It served a transparent picguard, which replaced the original from production. You can see copper grounding, the electrical wiring diagram, and the area where there was previously one more sensor that was removed at the owner's request.

Of course, everything went with his approval - and although he may not has been able to fully imagine the effect, and it took him a while to get used to it, he was generally satisfied with the service and the new sound very satisfied after all.