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Boutique guitars and their uniqueness

Are you a music lover and do you like history and uniqueness breathing on you from the instrument? Then you’ll definitely know or want to get to know boutique guitars a little closer. These guitars will drag you into the world of music in just one single tone.

What does a boutique mean?

The word boutique comes from french. The goods from the boutique are supposed to symbolize very fashionable and luxurious pieces. These goods are not produced in series, but in small amounts or only for special orders, and that makes them very rare, unique, antique. These pieces are often handmade products as well.

What are boutique guitars?

Now that we know what the word "boutique" means, it's easy to assume the meaning of a boutique guitar. These are guitars, which are usually produced in one piece or in very small amounts. As they are often made for special order, boutique guitars are not only a musical but also a handmade art. Each piece is unique, which adds a value to these guitars. If you love history, you will also find antique pieces that will fascinate you with their story.


Since every guitar is different and with great emphasis on care and selection of materials in the production, we can say that playing them is really above the standard. These instruments have not only enormous musical value but also historical and collectable.

Types of boutique guitars

Vintage guitars

These are guitars made until 1987, exceptionally and younger. Due to their age, we add great value to the manual work that is behind their production. As the materials and technologies from which these guitars were made are difficult to achieve today, they are becoming more limited. Guitars have so-called "Ageing" effect, ie. ageing material. The music that comes from the strings is unique, thanks to many years of getting to the perfect tone. And because these guitars are so old, it is not easy to find or make them. Their historical, collector's and financial value is increasing.

Fine guitars

These guitars are a contemporary creation, approx. from the 90s until now. Their advantages are in their extravagance, rarity, handmade production and uniqueness. They are often made for special order as reproductions of old world-famous models that are almost inaccessible. This, however, does not mean that we will not find new models among them. Fine guitars still have to use "fine" material, so they are always made only from the best available material and the production technology is very close to a vintage model.

Why you should choose boutique guitars?


As we mentioned, boutique guitars are characterized by handwork. People made these guitars with love and passion and tried to fine-tune every imperfection. These guitars represent, as they say, the blood, sweat and tears of the people who were involved in their production. In factory production, no one can guarantee that they will deliver you wrong or broken piece because it happens. The goods are made by machines and there is no time for any care that is given to guitars in the manual production. In the production of boutique guitars, quality is important, not quantity, as is the case in factory productions.


Boutique guitars are sold ready to play. Handwork ensures that all parts fit together perfectly and the precision of production is reflected in the quality.


Even before they deliver the guitar to you, the manufacturer will set it up completely, means he. sets the action at a comfortable height, eliminates buzzing, calibrates intonation on bridges and sets neck relief. Thanks to the control and final adjustment, the guitar is ready for your fingers and its sound will convince you of its perfection.


In addition to the settings, custom production is advantageous because the guitar can be adapted to the guitarist and his playing style, which increases the comfort and you can play much longer.

Unlimited possibilities

Different styles bring different requirements. Every person is different and we like different things, because of this, there are needs for different neck widths, scale lengths, string spacing, etc. However, mass-produced guitars can never meet these requirements or special needs. They come with standard features and the choice is limited by the number of models.


This represents a great advantage of custom manufacturing. Adaptability and flexibility in the choice of components, materials and construction allow the guitarist to match much better with his instrument.

Personal relationship

When you entrust someone with the production of your instrument, there must be a certain trust between you two, and you both should have a close bond. The manufacturer must understand your needs and requirements and he also needs be available for consultation.


It is also a certain art to create the story of a built guitar. These are the stories that often sell given musical masterpiece. The story talks not only about how the guitar was made, its builder, why a particular part was chosen, but also about scratches or abrasions that have been formed in these antique pieces over the time. Because of a story that the guitar has, you are creating a very strong intimate bond to it. The story can also be created by the musician or/and the owner, who deals with its history and breathes life into it.

Long-term value

One of the advantages of this guitar is that it has a history. It is sold from generation to generation, travels the world and its value (financial and emotional) is constantly growing. Thanks to the right material and care in the whole production, the guitar becomes a legacy for both, the producer and the musician. These guitars age like wine. By using them, they play themselves to the perfect tone and their soul becomes more valuable.

Who are boutique guitars for?

We believe that everyone can love their beauty. Whether you have a musical ear and are a great artist or you just admire handmade and precise works, you will definitely be attracted to them. Of course, they are more valuable for music lovers and someone who appreciates their musical qualities. But that doesn't mean you can't get them as a collection item.


Music is a salvation for the soul. Let's look for what fulfills us and gives us the best enjoyment of playing and listening. Let yourself be carried away by the vibrant tones of these strings, which will fascinate you.